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Welcome to BuyAnabolicSteroids.mobi. If you’re looking to buy steroids online then you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we have a vast selection of oral and injectable steroids, we also offer free expert advice, guarantee fast and discreet shipping (USA) and accept payment via credit or debit card and Paypal.

In today’s expert-written article we will explore in-depth how to purchase anabolic steroids online, how it can be done safely, what steroids can be bought, how to choose the right steroid website and what payment types are the most secure.

A Guide to Buying Steroids On the Internet

There is absolutely no doubt that the number of steroids that are being purchased and then used across the USA has risen massively over the last several years. Social pressures, social media and ‘quick fix’ mentalities have led a vast amount of people to decided to taken performance enhancing drugs such as steroids.

There are two reasons why this isn’t surprising. Firstly, anabolic steroids work. There is no two ways about it – they will enhance a person’s physique and performance to a great extent is used correctly. And secondly, as the demand for steroid has grown so has the supply – the bulk of which are online steroid websites. All you need to do is go onto your favourite search engine and search for something related to the purchase of steroids and you’ll be inundated with results – and lots of them.

The big question on most people’s lips where steroids and the internet are concerned is whether or not it is safe. Buying any form of restricted item or product will always be a risky business, but there are by which purchases of this nature can be made both much easier and much less risky. With the helping hand of our resident steroid expert (who has over twenty years experience of scientific and personal interaction with anabolics), we will discuss the online ordering process and what can be done to make it run as smoothly as possible.

Just How Safe is it to Buy Steroids on the Internet?

As little as five to six years ago the purchase of anabolics online was seen as a definitely no-no, i.e. under no circumstances should you buy your gear this way. The reason for this was due to the fact that there a plethora of illegitimate sites operating and too many newcomers to steroids were being taken advantage of. Fast-forward several years and the scene has completely changed. It is now more safe than ever to buy online. So safe that I would happily recommend it to anyone. There are of course a few caveats and points that must be raised before you rush off to Google to find a steroid website, but all-in-all, it can be done safely. Here are golden rules:

  • Research: You’d never make any other kind of purchase without first doing your research so it should be no different here. In fact, your research should be even more vigorous than usual. Why? Because the purchase of steroids  – although far safer than it is has ever been – still carries some of risks. By carrying our your due diligence on potential suppliers you’ll be able to ascertain which sites are legit and which aren’t. (Hint: eRoids and MuscleGurus are your friends).
  • USA only: Don’t be tempted by websites outside of the USA offering great deals and cheaper prices. Firstly, the cost of shipping will usually wipe out any savings made; secondly, from our comprehensive research we found that the USA has the highest % of legitimate suppliers and products – so why risk buying fakes or under-dosed gear?; and lastly, customs is extremely hard to get through and if you get caught you will be in serious trouble. Surely you can see why doing that isn’t a good idea!
  • Secure payments: Gone are the days of wire transfer and Western Union. Nowadays all the leading and most trustworthy online steroid stores accept credit cards, debit cards and some even take Paypal too. We will expand on why this is important down below.

Which payment method is the most secure?

As we mentioned above, long gone are the days where suppliers only accepted payments via wire transfer, cash on delivery or international money transfer services like Western Union and Moneygram. Buying online is all about security and customer confidence, and stores that take payment via secure methods are far more trustworthy. ‘What are these secure payment types?’ you’re no doubt wondering, well: credit card, debit card and Paypal. Why? Because they offer you – the buyer – the most protection. If things go wrong with either card type you can simple ask your bank to do a chargeback and voila, your money will be returned. The same goes for Paypal. All you need to do is make a claim and you will stand a good chance of having your money refunded. None of this can be said for any other payment method.

Sites that don’t take these secure payment forms will claim that they aren’t anonymous and therefore are dangerous. This couldn’t be further from the truth; all transactions are not anonymous – even Bitcoin. The only thing you should be concerned about as a buyer is whether or not you’ll be able to get your money back should something go wrong, and card payments allow for this.

Why trust BuyAnabolicSteroids.mobi?

A good question – and one you should be asking. Why trust us? There are many reasons. Firstly, the team at BuyAnabolicSteroids.mobi has over fifty years of combined experience and knowledge regarding steroids: their scientific application; their role in physique enhancement and sports performance; their physiological effects (both positive and negative); steroid usage; cycling steroids…the list could go on. We really do know all there is to know; we are experts. If you have any questions regarding steroids then feel free to email us or get in touch via social media.

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